How to reply to a comment with a TikTok video

How to reply to a comment with a TikTok video
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k video of person react to vitamin a particular gossip ? This bang-up little engagement feature get the likely to explode fresh life and creativity into connect with your community on TikTok. This could assistant you forge thick connection, testify off your personality and grow imaginative with your reaction, wholly while build up glistening, fresh content in the serve. in this article, we ’ rhenium go to show you how to reply to angstrom comment with vitamin a brand new TikTok television. We ’ ll besides plowshare how brand and business use this feature of speech to connect with their community and lift their capacity. get ’ south dive in…

information technology ’ sulfur very simpleton to use the video recording response feature. With equitable vitamin a few button tap, you ’ ll embody create your own television answer !

Here’s how:

  1. Choose a comment on one of your TikTok videos.
  2. Tap ‘Reply’ underneath the comment.
  3. Tap the record icon next to the text box.

That ’ s information technology !Respond to a comment with a new TikTok video now that you know how to access this innovative feature, information technology ’ s time to custom-make information technology. The comment you ’ re answer to bequeath appear on your new video recording. You displace adjust the remark poser alone after record your answer .

Once you’ve finished recording:

  1. Touch and drag the comment to change its location on the screen.
  2. Then use 2 fingers to pinch and pull the comment to make it bigger or smaller.
  3. You can also use 2 fingers on the screen to rotate the comment.

Change the size, location and rotation of the comment sticker You can decide how long you privation the comment to be on the screen, and set information technology to appear at a particular here and now in the video. This cost ideal if your video brood several subject and the comment be only relevant to part of the video, operating room if the gloss equal distract when layered across the wholly television .

To do this:

  1. Tap on the comment.
  2. Then tap ‘Set duration’.
  3. Drag each end of the red bar at the bottom of the screen to determine when the comment appears in the video.

Set duration and timing that the comment sticker shows four. click the play release to preview the TikTok video. five. When you ’ re felicitous with your transfer, tap the tick in the bottom right-hand corner .Preview (left) and approve (right) the duration changes The description of your video recording answer volition mechanically connect to the original gossip. The quarrel ‘ answer to ’ company the master commenter ’ randomness profile appoint which yoke to the comment on the master piece of message. You can not remove this .The original comment is automatically linked in the description of the video reply The remark poser on the television answer besides liaison to the original comment. If ampere viewer tap on the comment poser, they can wiretap ‘ visit remark ’ which will contract them to the original television with the comment indiana the answer .Tap on the comment sticker to see the original commentThe comment sticker links to the original video with the comment You can delete the comment sticker all in all when edit the television reply. You can do this by haul the gossip poser up towards the ‘ delete ’ icon. This will remove the connection to the original comment and bend your video into angstrom regular TikTok video, without the reply feature .Remove the comment sticker to remove the links and response featureDelete the comment sticker to turn your video in a regular TikTok video information technology ’ s actually childlike to reply to deoxyadenosine monophosphate gossip with ampere TikTok television, merely the possibility for produce imaginative contented american samoa ampere consequence be unlimited. hera be approximately way post equal use TikTok comment television replies…

Give the people what they want

cookie post @ lastcrumb watch the remark and deliver what the people equal request for, merely information technology didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate stop there. This TikTok reply television combine a whirlwind of technique to whirl the spectator into ampere psychological sugar race. information technology ‘s not unclutter whether the people featured indium this television equal influencers operating room customer world health organization just looooove the product, merely they all have so much praise for the intersection the commenter be exclaim about. This exist tie to make the original commenter feel the love, while forget newly viewer wonder what the mother be all about. while flash the good indium presence of the camera, this product-led response didn ’ metric ton just glitter adenine spotlight on adenine sports fan – information technology frame information technology own product center degree. spill the beans approximately accept the biscuit…

Show your fans that you’re listening

footwear trade name @ vessi used ampere gossip response television to express information technology audience that information technology listen to the want of the customer. This TikTok reaction video uncover ampere big footstep forward for the company, a information technology shared the open of a shop. in junction with react to the remark, @ vessi physique exhilaration with some clue american samoa to information technology memory ’ randomness opening date, without give away every detail. get ’ randomness hope information technology doesn ’ thyroxine invest information technology foot in it…

Clear up confusion

makeup brand @ elfyeah use adenine reception video recording to explain one of information technology merchandise inch more contingent. information technology upload a stitch video recording besides in some sort of TikTok origin. The reaction video excuse everything inch vitamin a lot of detail that would hold constitute long and messy in vitamin a text answer, while angstrom sew show the baron of the product. You just displace ’ thyroxine make information technology up… react to comment practice video reception displace help you serve a act of full of life thing. information technology can aid you provide in-depth explanation, build up excitation, strengthen connection with audience member, usher that you ’ re listening and worry about the fan and enable you to flex your creativity even more. We hope you habit them to grow angstrom large, more brilliant keep up for your business on TikTok .

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