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Lemonade, who?

Why choose Lemonade?

With Lemonade ’ s Policy 2.0, you ’ re covered by a policy designed for the twenty-first hundred. It has cool features made for you :

  • Anti-Theft Package – extra coverage that gives you protection from theft anywhere in the world. For example, unlike some other insurers, if your phone or bike is stolen while you’re at the cafe, you’re covered with the Anti-Theft Package.
  • Contents means everything that belongs to your household: we don’t discriminate between a shiny new bike or the silverware you inherited from your granny. You can have both, just let us know if any item is more than € 5.000 and we will get back to you.
  • You can choose to add our All Risk package which covers your belongings for other damage that is sudden and unexpected, even if you caused it yourself. For example, if you accidentally spill coffee on your carpet or knock over your new TV, this is covered. This does not apply to mobile electronics (smartphones, laptops or tablets).
    Make sure to review your policy to understand exactly what’s covered.
  • We’ve done the heavy lifting and bundled (if you want to!) personal liability and contents insurance together! Lemonade centralizes your coverage in one place (your app!) so that’s always readily available.
  • Transparency! Policy 2.0 lays out what’s covered and what’s not, plain and simple. Many other insurance policies have exceptions, and exceptions to those exceptions. That’s tiring.

With Lemonade ’ south AI bot, you can buy a policy in seconds without the need for any paperwork or call calls. Filing a claim is fair as easy : open the app and answer a bunch of questions, and your claim will get process promptly, with many of our claims paid in seconds ! Another cool feature of Lemonade is our Giveback. We take a fix tip out of your monthly payments, pay up reinsurance ( and some ineluctable expenses ), and use the lie for paying out claims. And, if there ’ s money left over, we give it to a charity of your choice. That ’ s what making indemnity into social good means.

How is Lemonade’s business model different from that of a traditional insurance carrier?

lemonade is built differently. Unlike some traditional insurers, we take a situate fee out of your monthly payments, pay reinsurance ( and some ineluctable expenses ), and use the stay for paying out claims. In principle, we treat premiums as if they were distillery our customers ’ money, and return unclaimed remainders in our annual ‘Giveback ‘. Giveback is a alone feature of Lemonade, where each year leftover money is donated to causes our policyholders care about. We treat policyholders who care about the lapp causes as virtual groups of ‘peers ‘. Lemonade uses the premiums collected from each peer group to pay for the group ‘s claims, giving back any leftover money to their park cause, and uses reinsurance to cover for cases where the group ‘s claims exceed what ‘s left in the pool. This way, our customers enjoy amazing policy, and club gets a little energy for the better .

What’s Policy 2.0?

policy 2.0 is the radically simplified, modernized, and digitize policy policy by Lemonade. It lays out what ’ s covered, and what ’ s not in our insurance product. The best thing about Policy 2.0 is that it was written for the twenty-first hundred, so it ’ randomness relevant for your everyday life. Making policy childlike, approachable, and relevant should be a coarse goal, a communal effort, and a universal benefit. That ’ second why our policy 2.0 is open-sourced : we want to hear feedback from our community, and parcel it with the diligence thus that everyone can help make indemnity simple .

How is Lemonade structured?

lemonade is the appoint for products and services provided by one or more of the Lemonade subordinate companies. Lemonade, Inc., a public profit pot organized under Delaware police in the United States, is the parent company of the group. There are six subordinate companies under it :

  • Lemonade Insurance Company (Lemonade’s insurance company organized under New York law and licensed by New York Department of Financial Services)
  • Lemonade Insurance Agency, LLC (acts as Lemonade’s sales agent in the US)
  • Lemonade B.V. is a holding company organized under Dutch law and is the parent company of Lemonade’s European operations.
  • Lemonade Insurance N.V is an insurance company organized under Dutch law. This company is your insurer and pays out your claims. It is licensed by De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) as an insurance company.
  • Lemonade Agency B.V. is an authorized agent incorporated under Dutch law. This company acts as sales agent of Lemonade Insurance N.V. in Europe. Lemonade Agency B.V. is authorized to conclude insurance contracts on behalf of Lemonade Insurance N.V., to answer questions about insurance products or to provide other services related to the processing and execution of the insurance activities of Lemonade Insurance N.V. Lemonade Agency B.V. has a license from the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) as authorized agent.
  • Lemonade, Ltd. This company provides technology, research, and development to the group.

More details about Lemonade ’ mho legal structure can be found in Legal Stuff

How do I get Lemonade?

The full Lemonade experience is available through our io and Android app, and you can purchase a policy besides through our web site. We presently offer Contents and Personal Liability policy in Germany and the Netherlands, ampere well as renters policy in France. We ’ ll be rolling out extra products and countries across Europe soon .

Is Lemonade reinsured?

We are. Some of the biggest reinsurers in the industry are reinsuring Lemonade. so a much as we ’ re unlike, we are reassuringly like to the insurance companies you heard about growing up !

How are you using my premium Euros?

The remainder? Job # 1 is to ensure we can constantly pay claims Job # 2 is to Giveback money that isn ’ metric ton needed for Job # 1 Glad you asked ! Lemonade keeps a fixed share of all premiums. This pays for developing loads of cool technical school, running an indemnity occupation ( including salaries, rip, and such ), and make some profit ! This way, our desire for profit does not conflict with our duty to pay claims. Here’s how that works: Lemonade is a fully licensed and regulated insurance company, which means that we underwrite, price, and sell policies, and pay claims. You, the customer, pay us a agio, and we take a compressed fee and pay your claims. We don ’ thymine want to be in conflict with you over that premium euro, therefore behind the scenes, we work with what is known as reinsurance ( think of it as insurance for policy companies ). We contribution a distribute of our premium with them, and they pay most of our losses, plus they cover our categoric tip. Most of our reinsurance is long-run, so we and our customers don ’ t need to worry about it year-to-year, like many early indemnity companies. Our reinsurance program may change from fourth dimension to clock, and it looks different nowadays than what we started with. But our Giveback approach has not changed, and our ability to deliver on Job # 1 – to ensure we always can pay claims – is angstrom strong as it ever was .

When can I expect Lemonade to be available in my country?

If you ’ re living outside of the Netherlands, Germany, France and the United States, we ’ re on our room ! Stay tuned here and follow us on Facebook and Twitter

How can I reach you guys?

You can always get in touch with our team through our app and web site, or feel release to shoot over an e-mail to

[email protected]

whenever you need our aid .

Is my information kept confidential?

foil and integrity during the processing of your personal datum is very significant to us. We comply with data security regulations, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation ( “ GDPR ” ), vitamin a well as the Dutch GDPR Implementation Act, and the Dutch Telecommunications Act ( Telecommunicatiewet ). In fact, we like to say we are GDPR compliant by design, building Lemonade with the customer as our concenter. We highly value and respect your privacy. Details on how we process your personal data can be found in our privacy Policy

What does being a B-Corp mean?

Lemonade, Inc., the lead company in our group, is a public profit corporation organized under Delaware law, which means that it is legally permitted to consider the interests of all our constituents, not entirely the interests of our owners, in operating our clientele. This is one component in all members of the Lemonade group of companies having achieved B-Corp® authentication. B-Corp® is a certificate granted by the nonprofit organization B Lab to for-profit companies that meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. So although Lemonade seeks to make a net income, our mission is besides to be a force for public adept. indemnity was created to be a social adept, and Lemonade ’ s mission instruction is to transform policy from a necessary malefic into a social thoroughly .

Policy Stuff

How do I know what my policy covers?

You get to see a summary of your coverage and a preview of your customize policy before you pay. You ’ ll be able to edit your coverage and other policy settings such as the deductible, startle dates, and more – all before you finalize your policy. After requital, we will instantaneously issue your final policy and send it to you by electronic mail .

How do you calculate my premium?

Premiums are calculated individually for each policyholder and are based on a number of different factors including recent claims, and information about you and your property. We may besides factor in the sensitivity of your home to windstorms, severe weather damage, and fires .

What policies does Lemonade offer?

We offer Contents and Personal Liability insurance .

Can I increase or reduce my coverages?

You can, within limits. We made it easily to adjust coverage through the app. Tapping the Edit tab will let you configure the coverage amounts of your policy. If you already have a lemonade policy and would like to adjust coverages, just drop us a eminence to

[email protected]

and we ’ ll get back to you .

What if I want to cancel my policy?

You can cancel your policy at any time and receive a refund for the unused dowry of your premium. And if you always want to come back ? No problem ! We ’ ll create a modern policy for you. Know that our prices change from clock to time, thus your new policy may come with a different rate .

Can I switch to Lemonade if I already have an active insurance policy?

sure you can ! just check with your insurance company what notice you need to give for cancellation, and set your originate date for your lemonade policy on your cancellation date. That ’ s to avoid overlapping indemnity policies ( double indemnity policies aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate very helpful : ) .

How do I change my address for my Lemonade policy?

Congrats on the new target ! While we ca n’t edit the address on an active policy, it ‘s quite easy to cancel your stream policy and create a fresh one for your newly address. Once you move into your new rate, you can use the Lemonade app to cancel your policy. You ‘ll receive a pro-rated refund equally soon as you do this, ensuring there ‘s no overlap in charges when you create a new policy. then, create a new policy for your raw address, in a matter of minutes, right there from the Lemonade app. If you have excess Coverage items, or you ’ re having perturb with the App – just contact our dedicated Customer Experience team .

How do I pay for Lemonade?

After reviewing your coverage summary and having an opportunity to look over the policy documents, you ’ ll be able to pay using SEPA or your credit rating or debit card. We will charge your inaugural payment after we ’ ve issued your policy, careless of the policy ’ s effective date. thereafter, you ’ ll be charged each calendar month on the day your policy became active .

Is my roommate covered?

No. Our policies merely report you, your better half, and any children living with you whom you choose to include in your policy. Your ( other ) roommates will need to get their own policy policy .

Are my partner and children covered?

If you ’ rhenium survive with your partner or children, you can include them on your policy when you sign up. Make certain you buy adequate coverage for all your ( and their ) stuff !

Am I covered if something I own gets stolen?

generally yes, but there are some exceptions. If your laptop was stolen from your home due to a housebreaking ( burglary ), you ’ re covered. however, if your laptop was stolen from your darling cafe, or it disappeared from your home without a sign of housebreaking, you ’ ll alone be covered if you have our Anti-Theft package as part of your policy. Make certain to add this software when you buy your lemonade policy. ( BTW, you can add it after you get your policy by emailing us at

[email protected]

eminence : if the steal token is worth more than € 5.000, it has to have Extra Coverage to be covered in entire. Make certain all your valuables ( aka, any item over € 5.000 ) have Extra Coverage when you get your policy .

What’s the difference between burglary, robbery, and theft?

Burglary involves unauthorized or forced entrance ( aka, there was a clear housebreaking ) in which items were stolen or damaged. Robbery besides involves stolen or damaged items, but involving pull or the menace of violence. larceny means your item was stolen, but there was no clear up signal of forced entrance or violence. Your Contents policy mechanically covers burglary and looting, and you can add coverage for larceny by selecting the Anti-Theft or All Risk Package when you get a policy or by contacting us. To clarify, if person at your housewarming party pockets your favored pair of earrings, that would be theft, and would only be covered if your policy includes our Anti-Theft or All Risk Package .

What kind of bad things am I covered for?

Your policy covers wrong to your stuff caused by fire, lightning, smoke, explosion, burglary, looting, vandalism, windstorms, hail, local heavy rain, and water price caused by burst or blocked pipes, and leaking appliances. You ’ ll besides have the option to include larceny by selecting the Anti-Theft or All Risk Package when you sign-up. We besides cover any increase living expenses if one of those things happens. For exercise, if a kitchen fire forces you out of your apartment, or if a break pipe upstairs means it ’ randomness nowadays raining inside your apartment – we ’ ll cover the cost for a hotel. If you choose to include Personal Liability coverage in your policy, you ’ ll be protected if person claims you ’ ve caused them bodily injury or property wrong as separate of everyday animation as a private person. You can choose to add our All Risk box which covers your belongings for other damage that is sudden and unexpected, even if you caused it yourself. For example, if you incidentally spill coffee bean on your carpet or knock over your new television receiver, this is covered. This does not apply to mobile electronics ( smartphones, laptops or tablets ). Make sure to review your policy to understand precisely what ’ s covered .

What kinds of things are not covered under my policy?

unfortunately, it doesn ’ thyroxine cover those annoying things that sometimes happen. The policy doesn ’ t cover things like if your office, water system or estrus going out in your apartment in the dead of winter, or if your apartment gets infested with bedbugs ( eek ! ) and you want to get a hotel room. We don ’ metric ton blame you at all, but these events aren ’ metric ton covered under your policy, so we can ’ triiodothyronine reimburse you for that. We besides don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate cover your thrust that is lost or cryptically disappears, or accidental damage to mobile electronics – so if you drop your call and the screen cracks, that ’ s not covered. besides, extreme point weather conditions such as : flood, earthquakes, and landslides are n’t covered .

Is my laptop covered?

Yes ! coverage for laptops, phones, tablets, TVs, and other personal electronics are all included, as standard, in the policy. Note that any detail worth above € 5.000 needs to be added to the policy to be covered for its full value. These are covered against the list of specific causes mentioned in the policy such as burglary, fire, vandalism, etc. To cover it against larceny outside of your home, remember to select our Anti-Theft or All Risk Package. nowadays be careful with it, because your policy doesn ’ thyroxine brood if you unintentionally spill liquid on it, or if you drop it and break it !

Is my bicycle covered?

Yes ! coverage for your bicycle is included in your base policy. so if person breaks into your apartment or basement memory unit and steals your bicycle, you ’ ra covered. Your bicycle is besides covered for larceny outside of your home if you get our Anti-Theft or All Risk Package. Just remember to lock up your bicycle with an ART-approved engage ( class 2 stars ), or it won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be covered. These locks are proven to be an effective security measure against bicycle larceny. Check the list of approved locks here In addition, Road bikes and All Terrain bikes ( ATBs ) must be locked in an enclosed space or to a fixed object ( e.g. bicycle rack, lamppost ) in order to be covered for larceny. If you didn ’ thymine fulfill these conditions, we unfortunately can ’ t cover your precious Road motorcycle or ATB .

What is an ART lock?

It ’ s a lock for bicycles that has been independently tested and proved to be an effective security measure against bicycle larceny. This quality set is only issued if the engage has been approved by the ART basis. Locks with ART approval will have a label on the lock in with the ART logo, in concert with the act of stars indicating the quality mark ( you need at least 2 stars for your bicycle to be covered ). You can view the wide list of ART locks here

Is my ATB/ Road bike also covered against theft?

If you add the Anti-Theft or All risk Package to your policy, you ’ ll be covered if your ATB/road motorcycle gets stolen. Just remember to lock up your bicycle with an ART-approved lock ( class 2 stars ), or you won ’ thyroxine be covered. Road bikes and ATBs besides must be locked in an envelop space, or to a fixed object ( e.g. bicycle rack, lamppost ) .

Help! My bicycle got stolen!

Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate panic, we ’ rhenium hera to help ! First, make certain you file a claim through the Lemonade app, clearly explaining what happened and providing us with all the information you have ( e.g. bill for your bicycle, receipt for your ART-approved lock, and so forth ). If you already filed a police reputation, make sure you send a copy of it to us. If you can send a photograph showing us that you however have both bicycle keys in your possession, that will besides help move things along.


Before we can approve your claim, we ’ ll indigence to confirm that your bicycle is actually yours. The easiest way to prove that is to send us the invoice of your bicycle, with your name stated on the bill. We ’ ll besides ask you to show us that you ’ re still in possession of both bicycle keys – so constantly make certain you keep your keys safe. If you always lose one of your keys, make surely to buy a new lock deoxyadenosine monophosphate soon as you can, and tell our CX team the serial number of your new keys. And constantly make sure to keep the acknowledge of your new lock ( or even better, take a photograph of it ) !

Is my cash covered?

As separate of your Contents coverage, we cover the loss of money up to € 600 per event if it ’ second as a result of burglary or fire. The personnel casualty has to take target inside your home and international relations and security network ’ thymine dependent on whether you have All-Risk coverage. We insure valuable and cash-worthy papers to the same restrict as cash, so if you lose your shopping or travel vouchers in a fire, you ’ re still covered up to € 600 .

How do I add extra coverage for my expensive items?

It ’ randomness easy ! Before finalizing your policy, you ’ ll be able to add coverage for items valued above € 5.000 each. Adding some items might be at an extra premium ; you ’ ll see the entire premium, including extra coverage costs, before buying the policy. Items that do not have Extra Coverage are covered entirely up to € 5.000. note : items are covered by Extra Coverage lone after you ’ ve received confirmation from Lemonade .

If my pet bites someone, am I covered?

Yes, but we don ’ triiodothyronine report any price caused by horses, livestock, or raving mad animals that you own or are permanently in your wish .

What if I miss a premium payment?

If your payment method is declined, we ’ ll ask you to provide us with a different one. Please bill, we ’ ll keep bugging you to settle your tab key, but finally we ’ ll have to cancel your policy. We ’ ll warn you beginning. note : if you miss your identical first agio payment, your coverage will retroactively be considered null ( no coverage ) .

Can I sign up by phone?

Lemonade is available for signup alone through our mobile apps and web site .

How do you calculate the value of my contents during a claim?

We offer ‘ refilling cost ’ for any demolish, damaged, or stolen items. This means we ’ ll pay you the cost to repair or replace the item with a raw one of the same make and mannequin. We don ’ triiodothyronine yield less ascribable to the age of your damage detail or just because it was used. If the detail is no longer being sold, we will look for a like one, and use that price as reference. hera ’ s an model : Your television camera has been stolen. You bought it three years ago for € 500, and today, a newly translation of this accurate model sells at a reduce price of € 350. Since our job is to provide you with an accurate successor, the respect we will calculate is € 350 .

I got a quote that’s higher than my old insurer, what gives?

While our prices may be cheaper than the more established players, that won ’ thyroxine always be the case. Insurers use different models and data sets to set prices, and on affair our prices will be higher than person else ’ second. If it ’ south any comfort, please remember that any leftover money may be donated to a jacob’s ladder of your choose, so go ahead and get Lemonade anyhow !

Is stuff kept in my self-storage locker covered?

We cover stuff that ’ s normally kept in a share storage whole in your build thus long as it is appropriately secured. This includes your bicycle – just make sure it is locked in case your neighbor forgets to lock the doorway. We don ’ thymine covering things that are normally kept elsewhere, including a self-storage unit at a different address .

Do you offer coverage for natural disasters, such as floods?

lifelike disasters and extreme point weather such as : flood, earthquakes, remission, and landslides are not covered. These types of events are by and large not covered by most insurers. BTW, wrong from less severe upwind events such as lightning ( including overvoltage due to lightning ), windstorms, local big rain, and hail are covered in your basal policy .

What do I need to do if I’d like to file a complaint?

We always do our best to provide you with a delightful customer experience, but if you are not felicitous with our serve please reach out and let us know. You can file a complaint by reaching out to our Customer Experience Team. Our team can be reached on weekdays between 9am and 6pm on 0800 0226040 or via e-mail ( [ e-mail protected ] ). Make certain to intelligibly explain what your ailment is about and the ask consequence. Your ailment will be handled by a dedicated complaints animal trainer. You ’ ll receive a confirmation of acknowledge of your complaint within 2 working days, and a response within 5 running days. We ’ ll always make certain to communicate with you and will let you know if we need more time. If we can ’ thymine resolve the return together, you ’ ll be able to submit the complaint to the Financial Services Complaints Institute ( KiFiD ). For more information about submitting your complaint to the KiFiD go to : .

Insurance Card

What is an Insurance Card?

An indemnity calling card itemizes the most important features of a specific type of indemnity. This can help you choose an insurance policy that suits you. Every insurance company posts these insurance cards on their web site so that you can well compare different insurances .Insurance card contents insurance
Click Click here for more information about what is and international relations and security network ’ thyroxine insured under Lemonade ’ sulfur contents policyInsurance card liability insurance
Click Click here for more information about what is and international relations and security network ’ metric ton insured under Lemonade ’ mho liability insurance


How do I file a claim?

slowly ! Just open the Lemonade app and hit the Claim button. We will guide you through the rest of the short process there .

How will I get paid for a claim?

After you complete the claim report on the Lemonade app, you will be asked to enter your trust account wire information. once your call is approved, we ’ ll emergence requital, minus the sum of the deductible ( if it applies ), directly into your account .

How fast will a claim be paid?

Our goal is for the majority of bare contents claims to be paid about instantaneously. There will be cases in which we ’ ll indigence to amply review the incident to approve the claim, and there will be content damage claims or liability claims that may take longer to settle. For model, if this is not the first loss you are reporting, or if some of the information we require is missing from your report, our team will need extra time to manually assess the incident and will most likely have in touch with you for far review. Lemonade Agency B.V. will handle your claim .

Why does Lemonade ask me to record a video during the claims process?

There ’ s no better way for us to understand your incident than by having you tell us in your own words. It alone takes a minute to shoot the video. We ’ ll use your video entirely for the procedure of handling or reviewing your claim .

What documentation do you need from me? Do I need to take an inventory?

When filing a claim, if you have receipts, that ‘s great ! But, we know that not everyone saves their receipts. tip from us : make sure to keep your receipts on the more expensive stuff you buy—say € 250 and up. That direction, we can settle your claim faster. flush if you don ’ t have the reception, keeping note of where and when you purchased more expensive items will help us help you. Please notice that if you have a claim, we ‘ll always work closely with you to identify desirable replacements .

Who decides how much the claim is worth?

We work with you to determine how a lot a claim is deserving. We ’ ll necessitate to ask you for receipts or validation of possession before we can confirm how much a claim is worth. In some cases, normally for more difficult claims, we may need to ask an adept to assess the severity of the claim and the estimate compensate costs .

What happens if I don’t agree with an expert’s valuation?

If you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate feel that the expert has correctly assessed the prize of your claim, then you can contact us and we ’ ll help engage a counter expert. We will always ask that you contact us first base before engaging person as we ’ ll only be able to pay for the rejoinder expert costs if we ’ ve been informed this is taking place. If you have a specific adept that you would like to use, that ’ s finely, we merely need to know ahead of time .

What happens if the second expert agrees with the valuation from the first expert? And what if they don’t?

If the second technical agrees with the evaluation of the claim, then we consider that is the correct evaluation. If the second expert disagrees, then we may engage a third base expert. That independent expert will look at both valuations and make a decisiveness. This technical will be asked whether they agree with the moment evaluation ( if this is higher than the first ), or whether their evaluation falls between the two. We will accept a valuation no higher than that of the second adept, and no lower than the foremost. After the third base evaluation, there is no far evaluation. We expect that both you and us consider this the final examination valuation of the call. We will only pay costs that are used to determine the prize of the claim .

Insurance, Explained

What is a deductible?

This is the measure that will be deducted from any claim requital you may receive. Think of it as your engagement in the price or loss. When you buy a policy, you can choose the deductible amount you ’ d like to have in shell of a claim. so, why would anyone choose a high deductible ? Well, the higher the deductible, the lower your monthly payments will be. here ’ s an exemplar for your contents indemnity : You chose a deductible of € 250 when you bought your policy. A few months late, person breaks into your apartment and steals your € 1.000 laptop. The requital you ‘ll receive for your claim will be € 750 : € 1.000 minus the deductible, which in this case was € 250. note, you can besides opt for no deductible, in which event, no deductible will be subtracted from any claim requital .

What is All Risk protection?

You can choose to add our All Risk box which will cover your belongings for other price that is sudden and unexpected, even if you caused it yourself. For case, if you unintentionally spill coffee bean on your carpet or bump over your new television, this is covered. This does not apply to mobile electronics ( smartphones, laptops or tablets ). There are some damages that are not covered though. For exemplar, we don ’ metric ton embrace damage caused by normal wear and tear ( e.g. scratches or stains ), improper cleanse or maintenance, or by pets, insects or other animals. Make surely to review your policy to understand precisely what ’ south covered .

What is personal liability protection?

We offer personal indebtedness coverage, which means Lemonade will hire a lawyer to defend you, and pay covered damages you are found liable for, in the event person claims to be injured due to your actions or negligence, or there is damage to person else ’ randomness contents caused by your actions or negligence. Make sure to read your policy in order to know the claim scope of coverage. If you experience an incidental that may fall under this coverage, then make a call using our app .

How much contents coverage do I need?

Insurers have different approaches to estimating the sum of contents coverage person has. For model, some will estimate this based on your senesce, family typography, apartment size, and income. however, at Lemonade we recognize that every context is unique, and then we give you wax control to select how much contents coverage you need. You can easily increase up to € 200.000 if you ’ ve accumulated a set over the years, or decrease down to € 10.000 if you are more of a minimalist. This means you don ’ t have to pay for coverage that you don ’ t need. To determine the sum of contents coverage you need, make indisputable you take everything you own into account ( pro lean : think of it as if everything you own goes up in flames, how much reimbursement would you need from us to cover all the things you lost ). You want to make sure you aren ’ triiodothyronine underinsured, sol when in doubt, always try to round up. If other people are insured under your policy, make sure you get sufficient coverage for them .

How much Personal Liability coverage do I need?

This is personal for each customer, so best to in full understand what Personal Liability covers, and then determine how much coverage would make you feel sufficiently covered. lemonade allows for up to € 2,5 million in Personal Liability coverage .

What is Glass Breakage coverage?

You can choose to add our Glass Breakage package to be covered against sudden and unexpected glass breakage in your home, even if you incidentally caused it. We ’ ll besides binding costs associated with damaged glass such as repairing or replacing the glass, or installing an hand brake irregular measure before the new pane is placed. There are a couple of exceptions, such as mirrors and televisions ( these would be covered under the All-Risk protection if you choose to take this software ) .

Extra Coverage

Why should I get Extra Coverage for my contents?

You ’ ll need to add coverage for items valued above € 5.000 each, so that they ’ re fully covered in shell of a title. If you don ’ triiodothyronine add Extra Coverage for these items, know that we ’ ll be able to cover these items only up to € 5.000 ( and cipher wants that to happen ). Adding some items might be at an extra price ; you ’ ll see the total policy premium before buying the policy .

When can I add Extra Coverage for valuable items?

Always ! Please note that Extra Coverage entirely kicks in after your items have been submitted and approved by our team. You can add Extra Coverage for your valuable items yourself when getting a policy, or write to

[email protected]

if you ’ d like to add it late .

How many items can I submit for Extra Coverage?

You can add as many items as you ‘d like. Please note that items are add one at a time, and you will need to provide a inadequate description, photograph, and receipts or appraisals for each detail .

What happens if Lemonade does not approve my item?

Our team reviews each item to determine if it ’ s eligible for Extra Coverage. If your item is not approved, it may be because your item may need limited coverage that is not presently offered by Lemonade. In any casing, items which belong to your family without Extra Coverage can only be covered up to € 5.000 .

Giveback and community

What is this Giveback thing?

policy works by pooling humble amounts of money ( premiums ) from a boastfully group of people to pay for the unlucky few who suffer cover losses ( claims ). Since it ’ s impossible to predict how much money will be needed to cover these losses, the amounts people are asked to pay may be higher than what ’ second needed some years. frequently, there ’ second money left at the end of the year. indemnity companies take this money as profits. That may make them reluctant to pay claims, since it damages their earnings. But we think there ’ s a better direction. alternatively of keeping this money, we intend to pay it ahead to causes people care about and help bring positivist social affect to local communities and ball-shaped causes. Years with high claims and other expenses may deplete the “ Giveback, ” but the good news is that our actuaries ( the folks who crunch the numbers for these screen of things ) say that there “ should ” be some money left over for most causes every class .

When do you pay the Giveback?

At the conclusion of June, we calculate and pay the Giveback .

What happens to my Giveback if I cancel my policy?

Lemonade entirely pays a Giveback with deference to active policies .

How often can I change causes?

once you pick a induce in the app ( after you get a policy ), it will be set until the comply June. Once the Giveback is paid, you will have an opportunity to pick a fresh induce.

How can I add my cause to your Giveback program?

We ’ ll be glad to consider your campaign for our Giveback program. For more information, reach out to us :

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Is the Giveback guaranteed?

No, it ’ mho subject to board delicacy. Giveback is part of our bodied policy, and our plan is to donate to nonprofits every year. But sometimes, peer groups who chose the same cause, will not have any money left to give back because their claims depleted the Giveback consortium. Paying claims is our top precedence, and in extreme circumstances could come at the expense of the Giveback .

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